I document moments and monuments. This site collects my favorites.

Its important for you to know I was born in Colombia, the most north west country in South America:  land of biodervisity, coffee, flowers, Marquez and Botero. I was fully raised there and loved every minute. The Dutch had given me a temporary home away from home, until i found myself moving north to share my life in Copenhagen, where I now reside with my beautiful husband and baby.

“Photography may correspond to the intrusion, in our modern society, of an asymbolic Death, outside of religion, outside of ritual, a kind of abrupt dive into literal Death.” -Barthels

Art/Photography Shows:

April 2010 – Born Bad, Paris. (Solo, Art)

June 2010 – CC, Amsterdam (Solo, Art/ Photography)

November 2010 – Sid Lee, Amsterdam (Group, Art)

November 2010 –  Movember, Sid Lee, Amsterdam (Group, Photography)

December 2010 – Your:Own, De Balie, Amsterdam (Group, Photograpy)

April 2011 – ALPAR II Encuentro Mundial, Radisson, Bogota (Solo, Photography)

May 2011 – “A Book About Death”, Arizona, USA (Group, Art)

December 2011 – “Sunday Matinees” Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam (Group, Video)

January 2015 – The Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen (Group, Photo)

May 2015 – Spot Music and Film festival (In collaboration with Maggie Bjorklund), Aahus (Video)